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We are dedicated to assisting you  reach your full potential by helping create a dynamic strategic plan and then developing the human resources to implement it.

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Strategic Partners
  • Rochdale Paragon Group
  • Strategic Resource Management (SRM)
  • Hauser Jones and Sas Accounting
  • The Emery Financial Group
  • Shutts, LLP
  • Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs

"Sue Girsch did a terrific job of helping us identify the performance criteria for our Board, conduct an assessment of our current performance and facilitate a discussion of how to use the results." Don, Board Chair

Integrated Services

Experience Matters

We have been assisting clients for over twenty-five years. 

The combination of our experience, common sense and good humor contribute to solutions crafted for you.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Recruitment (See opportunities below)
  • Compensation Review
  • Merger Facilitation

"Jim This has been a huge help over the years in assisting us to develop our strategic plan and using it to guide operational decisions."  Jim M, Credit Union CEO

"James L. This and Associates expertise in credit union executive searches and extensive industry knowledge were invaluable during our recent CEO search. They provided the Board of Directors with a fully vetted, highly qualified pool of candidates from which to make our final selection. The process was deliberate and succinct from start to finish. We highly recommend their services.” Leslie E, Credit Union CEO

Executive Position Opportunities

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Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management
Credit Union 1 - Anchorage, AK

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